Alive poem over green grass hills

The beauty never stops
Even when I close my eyes
The gleaming green grass glows
Through my eyelids

Gods of Hearth and Home poem over photo of darkened window

Gods of Hearth and Home

I remember feeling safe though I was small
The long wood panels of the floor creaked under my tiny feet
Humming the house’s hellos to me
The sunlight came in through the old glass windows

Beginning of poem A Bow is a Knot with silky ribbon in background

A Bow is a Knot

Twisted in decades of ribbons and bows
My body is beautifully bound
Fine silks in faint pastels
Like the sashes of an Easter dress

Drown in Devotion poem over faint photo of hills

Drown in Devotion

All else would drown in my flooding devotion
But not here
So broad and vast are these hills
That I can freely open the dams of my heart

She Paints poem over painting of barn owl

She Paints

She paints their eyes black
She knows the nocturnal archetypes
The ones who guard the lost children
The ones who move free of the waking and the dreaming

Winter Heat poem over phot of beach with rocks and seagulls

Winter Heat

I don’t know the snow
I know how to balance on the jagged edges of tide pools
My skin burns as it dries leaving hints of salt
My feet dust trails of sand behind their steps